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Posted in Uncategorized by aulecteur on July 1, 2011

You: in case you’re not hanging on my every tweet

Me: Good read, thanks! Nuclear is a complex technology that definitely requires PR for public buy-in. People aren’t rational about nuclear. The media + uncoordinated global msgs re: Fukushima = FEAR (Forget Everything And Run). UK definitely looks bad but I imagine it wouldn’t seem so bad if it weren’t for the Japanese Govt/TEPCO closeness.

But on the other hand isn’t govt supposed to protect things like the energy grid? It’s essential to health and the economy, life. Utilities like power are privatized now; seems unavoidable that the govt and industry work together to ensure service.

I’m going to write a little more, now that I know this will be on my blog.

So should the gov’t have been colluding with industry to keep the lights on? Or should it have been the job of the NIA to coordinate an industry PR response (probably). Apparently there’s a lot of money at stake in these nuclear operations and builds, I can’t really comment because I don’t know the details. I do know the UK’s power, like Canada, is 15% nuclear generated. And I’ve heard that Germany’s phase-out is causing them to burn more coal and gas to keep power cheap and not totally mangle their economy. So I understand why the UK would want to protect that 15%, and increase it too (to help meet emission targets while enjoying primo affordable baseload power).

But this is coming from the POV of someone who supports the technology. I’ve spent the last 3 months learning about it and the benefits and risks involved. The pros outweigh the cons, and I think the UK govt feels the same way. I haven’t quite figured out how to balance diplomacy and teaching when talking about nuclear so I’ll just stop. But would love to finish the conversation with any interested ears.

Happy Canada Day!


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