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Yes, I’m a hoarder. That’s how I have so much awesome stuff.

Posted in Quirks by aulecteur on March 31, 2012

I went into my storage unit today to find a bag for my cruise. A long time ago, I was really into thrifting. I found this amazing beach bag donated to Value Village from what I’m sure was a magical vacation to Acapulco. It’s bright and colourful and zips and it’s perfect so I’m bringing it.

Do you love the bag?
The Pink Floyd seat cushion is pretty sweet too!

I found a bunch of other awesome stuff on my way to finding the Acapulco bag, such as this Pink Floyd seat cushion. I bought this at the Great Glebe Garage Sale in 2010 (2012 event on May 26!). The woman I bought it from said it was from the 1998 Wall Reunion Tour. Now I’m going to use it on my balcony. Sweet.

Yes, I own a 70 gallon military duffel bag.

When I went up North to Iqaluit in 2009, I packed all my clothes into this duffel bag. I was only allowed 5 bags. I did one bag of clothing, and four Rubbermaid bins of stuff. I got a lot of clothing into this bag. Not sure I will ever use it again but there you go. Pretty awesome.

Mellie, come get yo' stuff.

This is a whole bunch of Mellie’s cute tea party stuff. I forgot it was in there.

Mad Men style picnic anyone?

1960’s era Thermos brand cooler. I want to strap this to my bike rack and find a grassy knoll to chill under with a fresh delicious picnic on a blanket. Then I want to walk away leaving all my trash on the ground without a care in the world!

So much crap...

This is a laundry basket full of random stuff I have to one day figure out what to do with. Do you have VHS tapes anymore? See these are full of awesome movies like Pulp Fiction and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and compilations from tv curated by VJ Mellie-Mel. Gold!

The little sombrero is from my sister’s trip to Mexico in like 2002. One year I wanted to turn it into a fascinator to wear with my Dia del los Muertos Halloween costume but I couldn’t find it. Turns out it was in a laundry basket full of random crap. Such is my life…

Those Fisher Price binoculars are the first thing I ever bought with my own money. When I was five I saved up $10 to go to Sears with my dad to buy binoculars. I wanted to look at birds at the campground. I was really into birds. Later I was really into butterflies and now I enjoy spying on my neighbors.  It was a good investment.

And that’s Mellie’s copy of A Clockwork Orange.

My Tiger Beat Teen Heartthrob Mirror

I’m remembering this as a gag gift. I promise I wasn’t into the kids from Home Improvement or the guy from Sugar Ray, etc. I definitely loved Leo Dicaprio, Christian Slater, Matt Damon, and Jonathan Brandis is totally my forever Teen Bop Boyfriend. RIP.

Well, that’s today’s adventures in exploring my storage unit and a couple of good reasons why being a hoarder isn’t always so bad.

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