Au Lecteur

Laura’s 29th Birthday List

Posted in Quirks by aulecteur on April 9, 2012

If you’re interested in getting me a birthday present this year, here are a few things I’ve been eying.

  • David’s Tea gift card (I’m addicted and need more Skinny Tea)
  • Starbucks gift card (I’m working my way to my Gold Card!)
  • Giro brand white bike helmet. Or similar. (This one’s $85 at Bushtukah – see pic)
  • Bliss brand tried+blue body lotion (see pic)
  • Incense oil from Body Shop – Satsuma scent
  • Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap (any delicious citrus scent like pineapple!)
  • Hair dryer with super powers! Able to dry all my hair in 5 minutes!
  • Hair straightening iron (regular one inch width)
  • Winners gift card

Stuff for Mom to Get Me

  • Kirkland brand makeup removing wipes (4 pack box, 2 of 30, 2 of 15) – Costco
  • Dove deodorant three pack (Cucumber scent) – Costco

You can also check out my B-Day 2012 Board on Pintrest.


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