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1000km Cycle Challenge – Week one off to a good start

Posted in Cycling by aulecteur on April 18, 2012

When my friend Joel posted on his Facebook that he challenged himself to run 1000km this year, I thought, what the hell and challenged myself to do the same, but cycling. Read about it here.

The challenge began mid-April and if it wasn’t for my cycling sponsors I probably would have lapsed on that start date. I find I spent a lot of time thinking about doing stuff but put off actually doing stuff. Anyway.

Here’s a run down of April so far: (click the links to view the route on MapMyRide)

April 14: 16km – Got together for our first group ride around the basic loop + the museum section. It’s a loop around the river along the bike paths on either side between Champlain and Portage Bridge. When we feel like it we’ll add the loop behind the Civilization Museum, cross the Alexandria Bridge and back behind Parliament Hill.


We saw a beaver! I don't think I've ever seen a beaver upclose before. He was munchin' away on some wood. Then he lumbered away.

April 15: 24km – We had tickets to see Kid Koala’s Space Cadet Headphone Concert Tour at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. It was a concert of the soundtrack to the kid’s book he drew. There were lots of kids there and they participated in making music on stage, and everybody sat on the floor leaning on blow up bolsters. It was cozy. The ride out to the Aviation Museum along the Rockcliffe Parkway is beautiful! Can’t wait to do it again!

The Kid Koala show was very entertaining. It was a great atmosphere with all the kids and interaction. The music was great too!

April 16-18: 36km – I started biking to work this week. It’s still cool enough to bike in my work clothes. It’s so fun to cycle in my skirt and long coat. I feel so urban chic cyclist. Except I definitely don’t ride like it’s Sunday morning. I like to go fast! This 36km includes 12km worth of the basic loop.

Tally: 76 of 1000

That’s a good first week (or 5 days). Especially considering I only need to bike a minimum of 40km per week to make the goal. At this rate I could easily bump the goal up to 2000km. We’ll see!


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