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Philadelphia to San Juan

Posted in Uncategorized by aulecteur on April 20, 2012

Edit: this post was composed on the plane en route to San Juan. I forgot to upload it.

I love that I can compose blog on my WordPress app to post when I get to wifi.

Here we are in the air over America on our way to Puerto Rico where we board our princess cruise ship for a 7 night tour around the south Caribbean.

I’ve put on my music now because the plane has gotten rather loud around me. I feel bad for poor Jodi who is sitting next to the biggest chatty Cathy who, at last dropped eve, was explaining how dinosaurs can be explained in the creationist myth. I knew something was fishy about this Minnesotan when he saw the headline of my Us Weekly “Reese is Pregnant!” and asked “is she married?” and was relieved when is replied yes.

It’s also a little ironic that Jodi got the talker. I know she would rather be zonked out catching zzzzz’s but is too polite to tell a stranger to STFU. Has no problem telling me to shove a sock in it mind you, but then you really only hurt the ones you love, right?

So here’s hoping the whole process in San Juan goes smoothly. We need to get an honest cab, get to the right port, find a CSV to get supplies (cheap booze, mix, etc). Oh and I would like to buy a floppy hat before boarding.

You know what I don’t like about flying coach? The part where the flight attendant is going over the emergency info and the menu and then tells the cattle class to not even think about crossing that see through curtain to first class. “Your bathrooms are here and here (3 for about 130 passengers back here). YOUR bathrooms are NOT on the other side of that curtain!”

Two more hours until we land. Longest short flight ever. Honestly I just hate flying American Star Alliance piece of crap airlines. I love Air France, and the Japanese airline was great too. Comparing and complaining about different airlines… First world problems, man.

[sidebar] jodi’s snoozing now and the bible thumper is now reading his drum.

I suppose that’s all I have to say about the trip so far. Time to read Jodi’s Time magazine about the “disasters that shook the world.” Of course the Titanic and Costa cruise ship are on the cover…

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