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We live in Heaven

Posted in Cycling, Quirks by aulecteur on June 11, 2012

It’s a million degrees today in Ottawa. Not a big deal when you spend 8 hours in a freezing cold office building.

My boss had to leave early today to run errands and said I could go early too if I wanted. Of course I wanted but did I want to leave the cold comforts of central air for an expedited return to the sweatbox that is my apartment?

Not really but of course I did.

On my way out of the office, I stopped by to say good night to a favourite colleague who had just returned from three weeks of vacation in Morocco and Paris and is off for business travel tomorrow. I told him my dilemma of choosing between leaving the AC for a sweatbox or not. It was a no-brainer for him, saying “Oh, it’s not so hot today, it’s a dry heat. Enjoy yourself. We live in Heaven.”

It’s not hard to find lessons that lead you down the right path, you just have to be open to receiving them. Sometimes it just takes talking to someone a little less pessimistic than you and being willing to change your mind.

I walked home jangling to the new Edward Sharpe, soaking in the sunshine, and soaking through my shirt. Drenched with sweat anyway I figured I might as well make it count and left again for my first bike ride since my bike got benched by a broken axle six weeks ago (admittedly laziness left it broken that long).

I had forgotten that the best thing about a blistering hot day is the wind you get picking up speed on your bike. And those who know me know I like to ride fast – feels like flying!

So here I am, face flush, skin coated with dirt kicked up from the road, parked in the shade on a grassy knoll. We really do live in Heaven.

This is my happy face.


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