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Holiday Hit List

Posted in To Do List by aulecteur on January 3, 2013

First posted December 26, 2012

Introducing my Holiday Hit List of things to do and get done over this holiday break. 

Astrix* means this one’s DONE!

– watch the Godfather movies
– go to the science and tech museum sex exhibit*
– go to national art gallery*
– clear out my room*
– sally ann stuff
– return empties*
– put up ribba shelves
– get bike
– paint cloudscape
– buy a new bed*
– make soup (mushroom, squash, chicken)*
– make freezer burritos*

I had to clear out my room before Christmas, in anticipation of all the new stuff coming in, and I returned my empties. Tomorrow I’m making soup. Friday is the sex exhibit. Saturday is bed shopping. Sunday sounds like a Godfather day.

UPDATE – Thursday Jan 3:

The above schedule didn’t unroll exactly as planned but everything is getting done. Well, sort of. I’ve made soup and burritos, been to the gallery and museum, I bought a bed (to arrive soon!), and I finally have the screws to put up my Ribba shelves (why doesn’t Ikea include the screws??). But I have yet to watch The Godfather movies, get my new bike, and I probably won’t get around to painting a cloudscape anytime too soon – though I did finally paint my side table after over a year. (Not on the list. Bonus points?)


I still need to do a second and maybe third coat and as you can see I have to let it dry on my counter height dining table so my cat JR doesn’t climb all over it. But I’m counting this in the Done column.

Three days left to my holidays, I see good things happening on Saturday. Wish me luck!


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