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I fixed my own problem

Posted in Quirks by aulecteur on February 6, 2013

All of my friends are super into HBO Girls. This is great, since I love it and love talking about tv, and sometimes I feel like Hannah, or at least, that I “get” Hannah. And sometimes Hannah pisses me off so much. But I still get it.

Anyway, tonight I decided I’d had enough of not participating in the water cooler talk about Season 2. I’ve been putting off watching the new season because I wanted to watch the last episode of the first season to refresh my memory and really geek out with it. But I don’t have the last episode and the one time I looked online, I couldn’t find it. So really? I was just putting it off for no good reason.

When I got home from dinner with my girls, when I get the tenth episode of season one, some ridiculous shit happened and I ended up with a virus that installed a toolbar and all these default search engine settings. Well, fuck.


So I set off to Google the solution. I read some forum threads, tried some stuff, and in the end figured it out. I fixed my own problem.

Laura -1 ; Haters – suck it.


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