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It’s pro-choice or no choice

Posted in (R)evolution, Feministing by aulecteur on May 9, 2013

Today was a difficult day.

I saw this picture on my Facebook news feed this morning.

It reminded me of the atrocity that is the so-called “Respect for Life Day” in Ottawa. It’s a day when thousands of Evangelical Christians from across the country descend on Parliament Hill to cry shame at those who would dare defend a woman’s right to self-determination.

I love and hate the sign that says “Abortion kills children.” Love because it seems like an obvious statement and clearly the person holding it is a crackerjack slogan writer (moron). But I hate it because actually abortion halts the growth of a fetus (nobody is killing children at an abortion clinic) and saves lives/quality of life, so your sign is just wrong.

This man was complaining to the police officer that the pro-choice group was allowed to rally on the Hill with the anti-choice loudmouths and sheep. He would think that women and anyone who disagrees with him should be shut up. Pro-choice or no choice. It’s not any more difficult than that. And choice includes access to family planning education.

This is my favourite photo from the day. I think this is the best message. There are too many children in the world already who don’t have proper homes. And by proper, I mean any place where they can live and be loved and cared for a raised to be happy, healthy and kind.


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