Au Lecteur

January Cure Project List

Posted in January Cure by aulecteur on January 3, 2014

My January Cure Project List is as follows:

Living Room:

  • store blankets
  • get new pillow covers
  • sort books (keep + toss)
  • clean up desk
  • declutter (wtf stuff!)
  • get boot tray for jr’s throne
  • surfaces


  • change light bulb
  • downsize plastic bags
  • clean off table
  • new large cutting board
  • figure out the baking sheet/racks situation


  • organize bags/purses
  • shoe rack (deep cuts)
  • clean up key ledge
  • do something with the closet door


  • downsize products & move on deck items to storage area
  • organize under sink
  • clean up white shelves
  • clean bathtub and walls


  • clean off top of dresser
  • sally ann clothes and clear out random piles of stuff
  • organize top dresser drawer
  • what to do with the brown bookcase?
  • too many scarves! deep cuts!

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