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If I was a morning person

Posted in Quirks by aulecteur on August 7, 2014

I would wake up at 5am. I would go out for a nice long bike ride. Maybe I would stop somewhere and read a chapter of my book. Or maybe I would read a chapter of my book once I returned from my bike ride, after a nice stretch and maybe a few sun salutations. And if I couldn’t bike, say it’s raining or winter, I would do a lot of sun salutations. I would wake slowly and do a gentle yoga routine while my cat sleeps on top of the back cushion of the couch, eventually waking up and walking around my upward dog.

Next I would jump in the shower for a quick rinse. Maybe I have to wash my hair, which will take more time, but it’s only about 6am now. Tons of time. While my hair dries, I make coffee and a bite to eat. Probably toast, maybe eggs. I have no idea actually. What do people eat for breakfast during the week that isn’t just coffee and and eventually half of their lunch around 10am?

I’d eat my breakfast and sip my coffee while reading the latest book I’m into. Or maybe I’ll find a good reliable news source to wade into or I’ll just watch an episode of something on Netflix – though I would rather not as it’s not a very good habit apparently, to zone out into TV first thing in the morning. I would be much better off engaging my brain with the written word. Or by writing words.

It’s worth noting that I’m blogging at work. It’s 9:30am and I got the itch to write about what I would do if I was a morning person. It’s entirely possible that if I was a morning person, I might also be a writer. Or at least a more consistent blogger.

If I was a morning person I would write morning pages – from Julie Cameron’s book The Artists Way. I actually forgot about that. I learned of morning pages a year or two ago. I tried it but three hand-written pages is a lot more than you think. My hand hurt after the first half page. But don’t type your morning pages. That’s not the point. The point is to empty your brain onto the pages. Do the brain dump in the morning and clear the way for productive creative thinking all day long.

If I was a morning person, I would be tired.

Can’t I do all this morning stuff at night? I really am more of a night owl. I would exercise and eat and write in the evening. And I do. Well, the eat part. But no, no that’s the thing. I don’t exercise at night. I don’t write at night. By the time I get home from work it’s the last thing I want to do (“it” being anything productive).  Mark Twain said to eat the frog. Exercise and consciousness are my frogs.

If I was a morning person.


On Blogging

Posted in Quirks by aulecteur on May 16, 2012

See, this is why I didn’t want to start a blog in the first place. It’s been weeks since my last post.

Actually, that’s not true. There are 4 or 5 saved in drafts but they’re the type of blogs that I might not want to have everybody read. Unlike my Livejournal days when the Internet and I were young(er). In high school and college I wasn’t thinking about my online presence beyond the gratification of amassing a double digit amount of comments on a post. Now I get that gratification from Facebook – thank you, lovelies.

Facebook is private though. On Facebook, I know who I’m talking to. They’re my friends so obviously we have something in common, see eye-to-eye on at least some things. My thoughts and opinions exist in somewhat of an echo chamber. It’s a safe place.

This “blog” thing is very much public. I don’t know who’s reading (if anyone) or who will read it in the future.

I put off starting a blog for awhile. I wanted it to have a theme and a purpose; I wanted it to fit into a category.

But I don’t fit into a category, do I? I’m a méli-mélo of thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and stream-of-consciousness.

I wanted my posts to be researched, referenced, relevant, and timely. I wanted to blog about important things that I care about.

But I’m important, and I care about me.

Me, me, me. Sounds like I should be keeping a diary, then doesn’t it? But stay with me for a minute here.

One thing that I care deeply about, one thing I value and admire, is unapologetic self-expression. Artists who dedicate their lives to expressing their vision, people who follow their passions and are successful beyond imagination, those who embrace their true selves and live out loud wanting only to belong to a community of like-minded people if the rest of the world won’t listen.

I learned some time ago that I procrastinate because I’m a perfectionist with a fear of failure. At some point I heard the quote: “I might not be a rose, but I’m a damn good carrot.”

a) I’m not perfect. Perfection is a fallacy. It doesn’t exist.

b) The only failure is in not trying.

So here’s a blog post. Take from it what you will, I will give you that. What I won’t give you is perfection or failure.

“I’m a perfectly good carrot that everyone is trying to carve into a rose. I have good color and a nice, green, leafy top. When I am carved into a rose, I wither and turn brown.” -Reviving Ophelia